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June 16, 2021
Staff Profile – Rachel Green
August 23, 2021

Staff Profile – Michelle Adlington

Michelle is an associated chartered accountant and has been part of the Business Like NZ team for over 13 years. She enjoys being part of the fun and family-like team and has a variety of great clients that keep her job exciting. 

Michelle has three kids – Larissa 14, Tayla 10 and Te Manawa 6.  There is never a dull moment outside of work with sports, activities and family life.  She enjoys renovating her house (a 7-year project so far) but is making great progress at the moment with the outside driveway and landscaping.  Most of all she enjoys holidays with the family.  Covid restrictions in the last 18 months meant these have been full of trips around NZ.  Her most memorable trip being a campervan adventure around the South Island for a week where everyone had some memorable and cherished family time.  They started in Christchurch and went as far south as Bluff with lots of stops and sightseeing – three kids in a campervan was challenging and fun but they enjoyed the different perspective viewing some of NZ’s beautiful landscapes from a campervan gave them.