Complimentary Client Engagement Meetings (CEM)
August 30, 2023
Make sure you know your tax deductible expenses
What expenses are tax deductible?
October 9, 2023

Back by popular demand……FREE Cashflow Management Seminars:

At Business Like, we’re committed to Empowering our clients.

So many clients have contacted us to ask when we will be hosting our Cashflow Management and Improvement seminars again. We’ve listened, and will be hosting two seminars in September, October and November.

Cash is the life blood of any business – have you ever heard the saying “Sales are vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is reality”? This is very true, as even profitable businesses can fail because of poor cashflow.

Making great business profit is little comfort if what’s left in your bank account doesn’t reflect this. If you would like to understand the seven key causes of poor cashflow and improve the cashflow in your business, join us at one of our Complimentary Cashflow Management seminars.

By attending this seminar you’ll:

  • Learn the difference between profit and cash surplus in your business
  • Learn how the Working Capital Cycle works
  • Establish your Cash Conversion Cycle
  • Identify the causes of poor cashflow
  • Understand the process changes that improve your cashflow

Seats are strictly limited, so register now, or call us today (262 0726) to avoid disappointment.

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