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Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)

FBTEmployers normally pay FBT if they provide non-cash or in-kind benefits to employees other than salary and wages. Examples of types of benefits:

  • Motor vehicles available for private use
  • Free, subsidised or discounted goods and services
  • Low-interest or interest-free loans
  • Employer contributions to sick, accident or death benefit funds, superannuation schemes, and specified insurance policies.

Employers can pay FBT at either 43% or 49.25% of the taxable value of fringe benefits provided for the first three quarters of the tax year.

If the 43% rate is used in any one of the quarter 1 to 3, complete either the “full” multi-rate calculation or the “short” form option in the fourth quarter.

If the 49.25% rate is used in the first three quarters, either complete the multi-rate calculations in the fourth quarter or pay FBT AT 49.25%.

Certain low value exemptions apply – the tax threshold for exempting unclassified benefit from FBT IS $300 per employee per quarter and $22,500 per employee per annum.

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